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Seven Pounds (2009) Director Gabriele Muccino 26 January 2009

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Seven Pounds is a truly terrible film, a pretentious, overlong and worst of all dull story about a man atoning for his sins. Will Smith plays the man in question Ben Smith, an IRS auditor who seems to be on the lookout for people to help although it isn’t explained until very late in the day exactly what it is that Ben is really up to, though anyone with half a brain cell who has paid attention to the opening half and hour or so will be able to easily work out exactly where this pointless tale is heading.

Will is OK in the lead, though his permanent frown was a distraction more than anything, while the rest of the cast offer little to enthuse about. Muccino, director of Smiths previous soppy effort The Pursuit of Happyness, knows how to shoot a film but he really has to start working with better scripts. The whole film is entirely ill conceived. It all rests on a “big twist” at the end which manages to be both entirely underwhelming and infuriatingly obvious (though admittedly the Jellyfish had me stumped for a while) and as a result we are never given any motive behind Ben’s attitude or his actions and without understanding his motive we are given no way to empathise with the character.

The music is also truly horrible. I’m no musician but the theme which runs through the final moments of Will’s relationship with Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson) clearly has one note off key and it’s horribly jarring. Undoubtedly an intentional inclusion by the composer but a crap one nonetheless.

I can’t really stress this enough, don’t waste your money on Seven Pounds. If you really must know how it ends just find out on IMDB and save yourself the money. A massive let down in every sense, Will find yourself a better director and choose your scripts more carefully, you might be the only Hollywood star left who can open a movie with his name alone but based on the quality of your last few movies you might not enjoy that privilege for much longer.



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