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Hi all! 26 September 2008

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This is the first post on my brand new blog and I’m not going to review anything for you now, rather I’m going to give you a little bit of information about my interests and give you a few indicators as to why your precious time spent reading my blog will not be a waste. As it says in my profile I am a journalism student at Cardiff University and as part of my course I have to set up a blog. Unfortunately that blog will be boring and work related so I decided to start another blog as well, one in which I can talk about the things I really love such as film, DVDs television and maybe the occassional bit of computer game and gadgety news.
I have loved films for as long as I can remember but it was only in the last five years or so that I started taking them seriously and became a real film fan. This can be mainly attributed to the advent of DVD’s. Before watching a film at home was crap, lets face it, but now with a decent set up one can experience something akin to the cinema experience in ones own home. The first DVD I ever bought was Toy Story 2 and today my collection consists of more than 1000 titles, I even have my own movie room in my house where I can bask in the glory of my hi-def tele surrounded by a collection I am really proud of.
It’s got to a point where DVDs are for me collector’s items with the added bonus that they usually contain films that I love. Among my prized possessions are my three Lord of the Rings collector’s sets, my Evil Dead Book of the Dead and my swanky Event Horizon collector’s set. I also love my special features but there’s nothing better than sticking a disc in the tray and letting the magic unfold in front of your eyes.
I am also a big fan of the cinema but always attend with a certain level of anxiety. While I would not disagree with anyone who said that the cinema was the best way to watch a film the fact that the general public are allowed into the cinema to watch the film at the same time as you are is a major downside to the cinema experience. There is nothing worse than having some moron sat two rows behind you ruining the film by goofing about with his mates for the duration of the film. Not to mention the unbearably long length of time that adverts are on nowadays. In order to get a decent seat it’s wise to turn up early but having to suffer endless adverts is enough to almost make me walk out everytime. Trailers are only slightly better as by the time they’ve arrived at the cinema it’s guaranteed I will have seen them on the internet to the point that they simply bore me on the big screen.
But that’s enough of that. One thing you will quickly learn is that I tend to rant, especially about things I dislike, but it is something I will try to keep to a minimum on this blog. I hope you enjoy what you read and my first proper reviews will be up soon.



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